7 Days until Dance Marathon

Imagine. In one week walking into the O’Dome and hearing the stories of childhoods forever changed. Just imagine your favorite childhood memory, and now replace that with trips to the ER, hospital rooms, and meetings with doctors. That is what these Miracle Children face on a daily basis. We asked members of the Dance Marathon family what they loved about their childhood and here are their answers: 

“Going to Gator football games with my dad.”

“Playing outside with my cousins on family holidays.”

“My 5th birthday party at Disney World.”

“Dressing up in costumes and putting on a fashion show.”

“Going to the park and swinging on the swings with my sister.”

“Watching Disney Channel on Saturday mornings.”

“Playing catch with my grandpa outside.”

“Swimming in our pool on those hot summer days.”

“Going to sleep away camp for the first time.”

“My first dance recital.”