5 Days until Dance Marathon

Power. You are more powerful than you think. You have the power to make a difference and change a life. Over 24 years ago, a group of University of Florida students used their power to ignite a change that would forever shape the Gainesville community and lives forever. In 1995, Dance Marathon at the University of Florida started.

In this inaugural year, the small event raised over 12,000 dollars For The Kids. This total would continue to grow as the event gained more power and momentum. In 1996, over 23,000 dollars was raised; in 1997 over 57,000 dollars; and in 1998 over 75,000 dollars. A fire was ignited in the Gainesville community and Dance Marathon at UF would continue to surpass fundraising goals each year. In 1999 114, 511 dollars was raised and in 2000 158,603 dollars. For the next 13 years the totals would increase as Dance Marathon became more powerful and the message spread. Then, in 2013 a milestone was reached. Dance Marathon at the University of Florida raised a total of 1,169,772 dollars. Over 1.1 million miracles were made in a single year. How powerful is that?

Since 2013 the number has continued to steadily increase with no ceiling in sight. Last year, 2017, the event showed 2,724,324 as the final total for that year. There is power in numbers. Numbers that represent a development in research, education, and patient care.

As the final totals keep increasing, so does the number of those involved. As the number of those involved increases, so does the number of those educated about our mission. A positive ripple effect starts to make a change. A powerful change.