1 Day until Dance Marathon

In the final day before Dance Marathon 2018, we focus on the word “U.” As we prepare to walk together into the O’Dome, it is important to self-reflect on the past year and how we as individuals have gotten to this point together.

Think about the memories you have made up to this time. Think about the Miracle Families you have met, the stories you have shared, the lives you’ve touched, and those who have touched your heart. What have you learned about yourself from this experience?

Lexi Leitman is a junior here at the University of Florida and a Recruitment Captain for DM 2018. Leitman has been involved with DM since her freshman year when she participated as a Dancer.

“Being a part of DM these past 3 years has changed me in the best possible way. Specifically my outlook on service and what it truly means to give. To give not only donations or time, but to give your full potential and your whole heart, for kids who you may never meet.”

Although Dance Marathon is an organization built upon students coming together to make an impact, it is also important to look at the individual. There is no together without YOU. There is no uniting as one, without YOU. There is no DM without YOU. DM at its core is a group of individuals, with the same passion and drive to make a difference for children who need it the most. DM is a group of YOUs.

As just one, U can start a movement. U can change people’s lives.

So what will U do? How can U make a difference?

Generation. Potential. Movement. Imagine. Limits. Power. Hero. For. Go. U. These 10 words together have a meaning that truly encompass what Dance Marathon stands for. These 10 words together can create miracles. As we prepare for tomorrow, reflect on these words and what they mean to you. It has been a year full of redefining boundaries in hopes of redefining tomorrow, but it doesn’t end here.

Tomorrow, we DANCE.