How Will You #RedefineTomorrow?

We asked some students and faculty today, and this is how they took a pledge to redefine tomorrow.

Jack DeLoach, Assistant Director of Mini Marathon Coordination for the Morale Team, stood in Turlington Plaza today offering free hugs to students passing by.

He gave around 320 hugs today.

“I redefine tomorrow by making someone smile. I may not change the whole world, but I can change their world,” DeLoach said.

DeLoach said he wanted to brighten up today and this week as much as possible with the Richard Spencer event being held on Thursday.

“It’s a hard week for everyone,” Deloach said. “There have been a lot of long hugs today, so I think people need them right now.”

President Kent Fuchs made an appearance in Turlington today. He wrote on his dry erase board: “I will redefine tomorrow by spreading more love.” The president also took advantage of a free hug from DeLoach and spoke with students in the plaza. Fuchs congratulated Dance Marathon students on their event Go Greater that he attended.

“Keep doing what you’re doing,” Fuchs told Haley Schavemaker who is the Marathon Relations Overall Director. “You’re doing amazing things.”

“So many people, involved in DM or not, were excited to see him supporting Dance Marathon in the plaza today,” Schavemaker said.

Bailey Boulter, a graduate student and Family Relations Captain, said she will redefine tomorrow by doing little things to brighten miracle children’s days like letting Bailey Abbott use her polaroid camera.

“It’s awesome to see the smallest things we do being appreciated by the families and the miracle children,” Boulter said.

Emily Boulter joined her sister Bailey to write on the dry erase board. The sisters wrote that they would redefine tomorrow by spreading love to the families. Bailey said she will spread love to the families by reminding them that she will always be there for them, thinking of them and fighting for them.

So, now think to yourself, how will you #RedefineTomorrow?

– Annie Boersma