Football Friday

One of the best parts about being a Gator is the opportunity to come together almost every Saturday of the fall semester to cheer on our football team in the Swamp. On Football Friday, we got to sit down with wide receiver Brandon Powell, #4, to hear his own Miracle Story.

Growing up in a big family, with many siblings, I learned the importance of taking care of and serving others. My family is my motivation to be the best that I can be. My younger brother Brad is a huge motivation of mine. As a baby, Brad was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Brad is one of the most loving, kind and charismatic individuals that I have ever met. He takes on life with a genuine smile and a warm hug no matter what obstacles stand in his way. He doesn’t care about anyone’s negativity or unkindness, instead he greets them with a grin and continues on with his day. Brad’s courage and fearlessness has taught me a lot about the game of life. His tenacity and positive spirit in every situation motivates me to work hard in school and all that I do. I am proud to be his big brother.”

– Vicki Arguelles