10 Days until Dance Marathon

Today marks a special occasion because it is TEN DAYS until Dance Marathon 2018! We have complied TEN lettered words that represent Dance Marathon.

GENERATION- We are the generation fighting for the next.

MAXIMIZING- We are maximizing our efforts to help these Miracle Children.

VOCALIZING- We are vocalizing our cause to raise support, funds, and awareness.

OBJECTIVES- Our objectives focus on helping the families of UF Health Shands.

PROJECTING- We are projecting the mission of Dance Marathon across the community.

EMPHASIZED- We emphasized the importance of working together for a common goal.

EXCLAIMING- We are exclaiming our cause all around campus today and every day!

EVERYTHING- Everything we do is For The Kids.

REVOLUTION- There is a constant revolution in medicine today to help those in need.

MOTIVATION- Our motivation are the Miracle Stories of those directly supported by our efforts.