9 Days until Dance Marathon

Having trouble raising the last few dollars to reach your goal? We all have the POTENTIAL to do anything we put our mind to. We have compiled the best techniques that past Dancers, Captains, Assistant Directors, and Overall members have used. Check it out and unlock your fullest POTENTIAL

  1. Share your personal Miracle Story when contacting possible donors. This allows those to connect more with the cause if they see why you got involved in it in the first place.
  2. Post on social media accounts. If your parents are active on social media have THEM post.
  3. Discuss specifically where the money goes. 42% in extraordinary patient care, 48% in funding life-saving research, 10% in education.
  4. Have a fun incentive attached with your posts. This allows your friends to have fun and have a higher chance to get a larger donation.
  5. Bake a sweet treat and sell them to friends on campus.
  6. Data Does Good. It is a new technique this year and super easy to use. All you have to do is sign up with an email and contribute your Amazon browsing history in return for a $10 donation. You can also refer others with your link and get ANOTHER $10 donation. It is completely safe and a great way to make you closer to your goal!
  7. Contact past Dance Marathon at UF alumni! They are a great resource to use and understand the value in just a $1 donation.
  8. Make your own “DM Store”. For each donation given you can have tasks that you will complete for the certain donor. For example, $4 donation you will fold their laundry, $2 food delivery fee, or even $50 wear a costume of their choosing for an entire day.
  9. Sell old clothes. There are a variety of consignment shops in Gainesville that take donations and give cash on the spot.
  10. Share the journey of a Miracle Child. Including a Miracle Story of someone directly affected by the efforts you are doing can truly resonate with a potential donor. These can be found on the Dance Marathon at the University of Florida website.  

After you have received a donation remember that is important to say thank-you. This can be in an email, handwritten letter, or a text message. It is courteous to show gratitude to friends and family for supporting our cause! Even a simple message can go a long way with a donor.