Captain Teams

Captain Teams

Each Captain team is composed of an Overall Director, Assistant Directors and Captains.

  • Assistant Directors are individuals who work yearlong with their respective Overall Directors to ensure steady growth and management within their Captain team. ADs possess effective skills in responsibility, organization and leadership. The responsibilities of each AD position vary among each Captain team. Assistant Directors are elected at the end of Spring semester.
  • Captains are leaders within our organization who have specific duties throughout the year depending on their teams. There are 15 Captain teams, each having vastly different responsibilities to ensure the growth and promotion of our cause on many different fronts. Captains typically have weekly or biweekly meetings and are a vital part of the Dance Marathon family. Captains applications are released at the beginning of Fall semester.

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The Community Outreach Team is responsible for increasing the awareness and reach of Dance Marathon at the University of Florida throughout the Gainesville community. They work closely with teams such as Public Relations, Multimedia, and Sponsorships to promote a focused, consistent message about Dance Marathon at UF and to create strong community partnerships. The goal is to form positive relationships with all groups who are involved with DM at UF, and to include new communities in our cause. Outreach is responsible for large community-based events such as the FT5K, FTK Festival, Golf Tournament, and Miracle Gala. The Team focuses on creating and organizing targeted engagement projects around the Gainesville community. They collaborate with the Dance Marathon Alumni (DMA) to increase alumni engagement and participation.

Assistant Director of Community Partnerships

Kathryn Barry

Assistant Director of Event Planning

Lauren Bruss

Assistant Director of Targeted Engagement

Scottie Andrew


The Dancer Relations Team is responsible for coordinating an in-depth Delegate program ensuring Dancers and organizations have updated and accurate information about all upcoming events, deadlines, and general Dance Marathon knowledge. The Dancer Relations Team is also responsible for the care of the participating Dancers from the beginning of the year to the event’s end. Responsibilities include registering Dancers for the event, tallying the spirit point competition that takes place throughout the year at various check-ins, holding informational Dancer meetings, handling guest check-ins at the event for Dancers’ visitors, and maintaining communication with registered organizations throughout the year to handle any questions and concerns.

Assistant Director of Dancer Engagement

Alex Gagliano

Assistant Director of Strategic Development

Julia O'Connor

Assistant Director of Tracking and Logistics

Christine Joseph


The Design & Technology Team is a collection of graphic designers and software developers responsible for making Dance Marathon media come to life. Captains are responsible for either the development/maintenance of the website and mobile applications (iOS and Android) or the creation of all print/web design needs (e.g. merchandise, graphics, newsletters, calendars, etc.). Throughout the year, Captains work together to create high-tech, portfolio-quality material that showcase Dance Marathon as a professional student-run movement. Captains also manage at-event content shown on the jumbotrons (eg. Dancer Walk information and meal slides), app Updates and notifications, and the live stream.

Assistant Director of App Development

Michael Smith

Assistant Director of Creative Development

GiGi Novak

Assistant Director of Design Logistics

Sarah Cantor

Assistant Director of Web Development

Cameron Cook


Family Relations Captains serve as the liaison between the Dance Marathon community and the Miracle Families. Captains are paired with at least one Miracle Family, and their responsibilities include: maintaining consistent contact with their respective Miracle Families, organizing the Pen Pal program, and coordinating events between the Miracle Families and participating organizations through Miracle Child Teams. Captains will attend monthly Family Fun Days in order to connect Miracle Families to the Dance Marathon community. Captains also volunteer at UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital in Pediatric Units 44 and 45. Captains also create the family room for the 26.2-hour event and facilitate events and entertainment for the Miracle Families throughout the entirety of the event.

Assistant Director of External Relations

Amanda Marr

Assistant Director of Family Events

Charles McMillan

Assistant Director of Family Outreach

Lindsay Asher


The Fundraising and Organization Development Team is responsible for financial oversight, funds processing, collections, and fundraising strategies/incentives. These Captains play an integral role in the success of Dance Marathon at UF by ensuring that the total reveal is accurate up until the very last minute, when the final numbers are raised. In addition, each captain is responsible for financial oversight for a handful of organizations. Each captain is in charge of keeping his/her organization(s) informed and enthusiastic about Dance Marathon. He/she is also expected to coordinate with the Family Relations and Dancer Relations team with regards to his/her organization(s).

Assistant Director of Ambassador Engagement

Amanda Rutner

Assistant Director of Canning and Special Projects

Kayla Fagien

Assistant Director of Mini-Marathon Tracking

Andrew Reiss

Assistant Director of Organization Development

John Richter


The Hospitality Captains work year-round with local restaurants to coordinate monthly hospitality fundraising nights for Dance Marathon. Captains also spend a large portion of the year reaching out to large food corporations to coordinate donations and corporate sponsorships. Hospitality is responsible for all food-related needs for the 26.2 hour event and all pre-event activities including our new Hospitality event and other community events. Captains plan, solicit and serve a continuous flow of food to all participants for the duration of the 26.2-hour event.

Assistant Director of Hospitality Events

Brianna Sekul

Assistant Director of Hospitality Nights

Amanda Abes

Assistant Director of Stewardship

Alexis Ercia


The Leadership Development Team is responsible for overseeing and running the Emerging Leaders Program. As a part of this, Captain work to cultivate the leadership skills of the newfound members of our Dance Marathon Family. This new team will focus on personal and professional development while integrating students with minimal previous Dance Marathon exposure to the inner workings of our philanthropic cause. Captains are responsible for helping plan and attend general body meetings that will include prominent speakers from the Gainesville community, while simultaneously leading small group meetings with a curriculum that will focus on how to progress one’s role within Dance Marathon at the University of Florida.

Assistant Director of Emerging Leader Development

Kassandra Philogene

Assistant Director of Emerging Leader Engagement

Hannah Hallman

Assistant Director of Emerging Leader Tracking

Ryan Owens


The Marathon Relations Team is responsible for advising and growing Dance Marathon at UF’s high school programs, Mini Marathons. They energize and support our “Minis” by educating students on Children’s Miracle Network and Dance Marathon at UF’s history and culture. Captains focus on strengthening relationships with high schools around the state, by helping them plan and implement their own Mini Marathons. Most importantly, the Marathon Relations team attends all of our Mini Marathons, as well as hosts our partnering high school programs during Dance Marathon at the University of Florida. Captains will be responsible for at least one school which they will work with all year in order to ensure that school’s success.

Assistant Director of Internal Affairs and Correspondence

Asa Cooley

Assistant Director of New and Emerging Programs

Bryan Greenfield

Assistant Director of Northern Region

Kaitlyn Blade

Assistant Director of Southern Region

Shelby Whiddon


The Merchandise Team is responsible for all Dance Marathon at the University of Florida merchandise and stores. Throughout the year, Captains focus on creating an official product offering for DM at UF apparel and accessories, running the DM Store in Turlington every Wednesday and at community events, facilitating pre-orders with Delegates and organizations, taking inventory, and organizing check-in shirt and event shirt orders. Pre-event, Captains manage the online store and fulfill orders as well as order and stuff Dancer Bags.

Assistant Director of Incentive Merchandise

Connor Lhota

Assistant Director of Inventory

Megan Shulmister

Assistant Director of Orders

Erin Pins


The Morale Team is responsible for creating, planning and executing the “Theme Hours,” which are essentially themed hours throughout the event filled with entertainment and activities to engage the Dancers . They keep the spirit of Dance Marathon high, energetic, and positive throughout the entire year, prior to and during the 26.2-hour event. They do this through hosting fundraisers, attending Dance Marathon and school events, and teaching the Line Dance at Mini Marathons. In addition, Morale Captains are the creative individuals behind the revered Line Dance, which inspires and connects all attendees and Dancers at the event.

Assistant Director of Fundraising

Kelly Daly

Assistant Director of Mini Marathon Coordination

Yousef Dawoud

Assistant Director of Outreach

Abby Wilwant


The Multimedia Team is responsible for videography and photography throughout the year and during the event, working together to create a visually appealing representation of the organization and its cause. The Captains edit, sort and upload videos and photos regularly to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, respectively. In order to capture and upload this media, Captains are responsible for acquiring the needed equipment for all filming and photography, including all software involved for editing videos and photos. In addition, Captains are preferred to have some experience with photography, video filming and video editing, though not required. Lastly during the 26.2-hour event, Captains take photos and videos throughout the event as well as maintain the DM at UF YouTube channel and contribute to the Livestream, Live Feed, Facebook and Instagram.

Assistant Director of Coordination

Aynsley Rasmussen

Assistant Director of Photography

Michelle Steffes

Assistant Director of Social Media

Katherine Campione

Assistant Director of Videography

Christopher Barbee


The Productions Team is responsible for all logistics and entertainment throughout the year and during the 26.2-hour event. The Productions Team is also in charge of building and organizing the homecoming float, coordinating and executing small campus events, and working with the O’Connell Center to plan all logistics for the main event. The Productions Team carries out all operational duties in the O’Connell Center, including setting up and striking theme hours, organizing security and clean up, and overseeing all entertainment aspects during the 26.2 hours.

Assistant Director of Campus Events

Ashley Knoblauch

Assistant Director of Logistics

Tarini Chandok

Assistant Director of Talent Relations

Randi Ziegler


The Public Relations Team is responsible for maintaining the external views and public reputation of Dance Marathon at UF. The Captains work year-round to uphold the organization's mission statement, vision and branding. This involves forming relationships with local media sources, creating campaigns to propel the organization’s efforts, and using social media as a communication tool between the organization and its publics. Captains use creativity to construct additional campaigns throughout the year, storylines for multimedia videos, innovative ways to extend DM at UF’s reach, and getting the community involved and informed. During the event, Captains are also responsible for escorting media, maintaining social media channels, and ensuring the smooth running of the official Livestream.

Assistant Director of Internal Communications

Sullivan Henry

Assistant Director of Media Outreach

Jenna Metcalf

Assistant Director of Publications

Megan Freedman

Assistant Director of Social Media

Morgan Hill


The Recruitment Team is responsible for the recruitment of Dancers, FTKrew, Captains, Emerging Leaders, and organizations to participate in Dance Marathon at UF. Throughout the year, Captains will give presentations about our cause to various organizations across campus, working to convey the miracles Dance Marathon creates and how each organization can give back to their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Recruitment Captains are integral parts of the movement to inspire and create leaders in our community, all while raising awareness about Dance Marathon and its cause. New this year, Recruitment Captains will be part of an effort to increase year-long Dancer Engagement.

Assistant Director of Campus Relations

Maddie Matesich

Assistant Director of External Organizations

Ashley Dutton

Assistant Director of Internal Organizations

Megan Blum


The Sponsorships Team is charged with soliciting businesses for monetary and in-kind (item) donations. Through reaching out to businesses, both local and national, Sponsorships Captains will build strong relationships with our sponsors, utilizing skills of leadership, communication, and stewardship. Captains are also responsible for organizing and working the Silent Auction at Dance Marathon.

Assistant Director of In-Kind Donations

Brittany Groggins

Assistant Director of Internal Relations

Brooke Rabinovich

Assistant Director of Stewardship

Lauren Katz