Captain Teams

Captain Teams

Congratulations 2017 Captains! Welcome to the DM Family!

Emerging Leaders List can be found here


The Community Events Team is responsible for organizing and implementing the events leading up to the 26.2-hour Dance Marathon. The highly anticipated events raise awareness of our organization and encourage the Gainesville and University of Florida communities to get involved with our cause. Events held prior to Dance Marathon may include a bowling tournament, Kickin’ it For the Kids kickball tournament, FT5K race, Family Day at the Zoo and the Dance Marathon kick-off BBQ. Additionally, Community Events Captains organize activities at Dance Marathon, including Jailbreak.

Assistant Director of Delegate Communications

Trevor Schaettle

Assistant Director of Sponsored Events

Jenny Vasiloff


Abigail O'Connor Andie Waldman Brandon Mackenzie
Brittney Hayes Brooke Wooten Catherine Palmer
Cole Fiedler Colin Duffy Connor Castro
Delaney Cooksey Grace Murray Jack Stephens
Jordan Weber Kimberly Novak Kristen Vollender
Lauren Bruss Lauren Meaney Margaret Heekin
Mary Prakas Michael Saunders Sierra Lloyd
Tori Cook


The Creative Development Team is a collection of graphic designers and software developers responsible for making Dance Marathon media come to life. Captains are responsible for either the development/maintaining of the website and mobile applications(iOS and Android), or the creation of all print/web design needs. Throughout the year, Captains work together to create high-tech, portfolio quality material that showcase Dance Marathon as a professional student-run movement. Captains also manage at-event content shown on the jumbotrons (eg. such as Dancer Walk information and meal slides), app Updates and notifications, and the live stream.

Assistant Director of Branding

Shaina Patel

Assistant Director of Software Development

Alex Robau


Alaina Brown Alex Clark Bryan Rivera
Brynna Kaplan Caitlin Carnahan Cameron Cook
Connor Elkin Corinne Sharabi Ed Tischler
Jonathan Pereyra Kurt Grossnickle Mary Hanvey
Monty Karas Nick Zinobile Samantha Regula
Sarah Wolk Savannah Gribbins Tori Bates
Tyler Brennan


The Dancer Relations Team is responsible for the care of the participating Dancers from the beginning of the year to the event’s end. Responsibilities include registering Dancers for event, tallying the spirit point competition that takes place throughout the year at various check-ins, holding informational Dancer meetings, staffing the medical and study rooms at the event, handling guest check-ins at the event for Dancers’ visitors and maintaining communication with registered organizations throughout the year to handle any questions and concerns. Dancer Relations Captains also coordinate an in-depth Delegate program ensuring Dancers and organizations have updated and accurate information about all upcoming events, deadlines, and general Dance Marathon knowledge.

Assistant Director of Check Ins

Jessie Anderson

Assistant Director of New Organizations

Christine Joseph


Micayla Johnson S. Danielle Chitty Danielle Vollender
Alexis Castro Meredith Marshall Corey Huff
David McCaskill Sean Murtha Noel Fundora
Eric Rice Caitlyn Nicholson Rachel Gurevich
Kayla Nocella Mary Allen McKenna Schaar
Trey Fritz Hayley Giambalvo Cole Abrahamson
Connor Miller Anthony Rocca Benjamin Pawliger
Anna Murphy Hunter Robbins Kylie Paul
Lizabeth Lohmann Julia O'Connor Julie Smith


Family Relations Captains serve as the liaison between Dance Marathon and the Miracle Families. Captains are paired with a Miracle Family, and their responsibilities include maintaining consistent contact with their respective Miracle Families, organizing the Pen Pal program, and coordinating events between the Miracle Families and participating organizations. Captains also volunteer at UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital in Pediatric Units 44 and 45. Captains also create the family room for the 26.2-hour event and keep the Miracle Families entertained during the entirety of the event.

Assistant Director of Family Outreach

Kelsey Torgerson

Assistant Director of Family Events

Jake Dube


Aaron McGee Amanda Marr Andrew Darvin
Andrew Jensen Anna Noreman Ariel Harris
Ashley Fisher Barbie Diaz Brianna Blum
Caitlin Dobson Carli Fischer Caroline Baker
Cassandra Etzig Courtney Mastorio Daniella De Freitas
Danielle Kripitzer Emily Murrow Hannah Sharpe
Isabela Leon Jenna Glick Jesse Zilberman
Jordan Lutz Joshua Fried Kalee Eichelberger
Katelyn Cornelius Kathryn Vigilante Kelly Kammerer
Kevin Goza Kyle Audet Landon Myers
Lindsay Libera Mackenzie Gusman Madison Grubb
Mallory Wood Mary Virginia Kline Sara Brenner
Sierra Mann Tyler Drescher


The Fundraising Team is responsible for financial oversight, funds processing, collections and fundraising strategies. These Captains play an integral role in the success of Dance Marathon at UF by ensuring that the total reveal is accurate up until the very last minute, when the final numbers are raised. They are responsible for running Dancer registration alongside the Dancer Relations team. In addition, they are responsible for all financial oversight for a handful of organizations. This oversight requires close relationships with both the Delegates of those organizations and the corresponding Dancer Relanions Captain.

Assistant Director of Offline Transactions

Hunter Hedman

Assistant Director of Mini-Marathon Tracking

Nicole Zackowitz


Brendan Barany Haley Barth David Bischoff
Jaclyn Campbell Thomas DelCharco Alyssa DiMauro
Kayla Fagien Zachary Ginsburg Shayna Goldrich
Arie Hariton Christy Hollingshead Matthew Kutner
Jonathan Le Christina Marchena Rory Neer
Sean Smith Sara Walbrecht


The Hospitality Captains work year-round with local restaurants to coordinate monthly hospitality fundraising nights for Dance Marathon. Captains also spend a large part of the academic year reaching out to large food corporations to coordinate donations and corporate sponsorships.They are responsible for any foodrelated needs for pre-event activities at community events and the 26.2-hour event. Captains plan, solicit and serve a continuous flow of food to all participants for the duration of the 26.2-hour event.

Assistant Director of Stewardship

Dara Herman

Assistant Director of Hospitality Nights

Megan Spurrell


Allison Jones Amanda Abes Amber Neumeister
Brooke Steinberg Devan Kocarek Emily Collins
Emily Podolsky Emma Rutherford Erin Monaghan
Gabrielle Rodrigo Hannah Burkhart Hayden Dodds
Jamie Fash Jan Strusinski Jonathan Neiwirth
Jorge Perez Katherine Passilla Khandis Hogans
Kristina Sencion Lexi Sidle Melanie DiLoreto
Melody Dickson Monica Gomez Rachel Solomon
Savannah Hardeman Suzanne Dean Talia Akerman
Tyler Ruppel Tyler Shaffner William Rand


The Marathon Relations Team is responsible for advising and attending Dance Marathon at UF’s high school marathons. They energize and support these marathons by teaching the Line Dance and educating students on Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and DM at UF’s history and culture. Captains focus on strengthening relationships with high schools around the state while helping them to plan and implement their marathons while recruiting new high schools to join the Dance Marathon family. Captains are responsible for maintaining relationships with other collegiate Dance Marathons by serving as a resource and hosting other collegiate Dance Marathons.

Assistant Director of High School Recruitment

Hunter Waters

Assistant Director of Event Coordination

Kelsie Boudreau

Assistant Director of Captain Relations

Anaelise Wagner


Alex Everitt Annie Criser Ashley Stewart
Carly Mern Catherine Davis Colleen Maher
Courtney Miles Gray Bean Haley Schavemaker
Isabelle Hadley Johnathan Page Kiki Pavlovics
Lily Putra Nick Scianna Nicole Meeks
Paras Mehta Patty Ferrer Rachel Mathison
Robbie Reed Sam Heekin Taylor Munroe
Toni Deane


The Merchandise Team is responsible for all Dance Marathon at the University of Florida merchandise and stores. Throughout the year, Captains focus on creating an official product offering for DM at UF apparel and accessories, running the DM Store in Turlington every Wednesday and at community events, facilitating pre-orders with Delegates and organizations, taking inventory, and organizing check-in shirt and event shirt orders. Pre-event, Captains manage the online store and fulfill orders, help the Sponsorship team facilitate Marketing Days, and order and stuff Dancer Bags.

Assistant Director of Inventory

Kelsey Johnson

Assistant Director of Orders

Hannah Jones


Alexa Ramer Aryeh Pollack Caitlin Perry
Caroline Gibson Chloe Burgess Connor Dalton
Daisy Lopez Erin Pins Faith McKenna
Hannah Wannamaker Kendall Roberts Lindsay Beveridge
Lindsey Sullivan Megan Shulmister Natasha Jewett
Nathan Landry Rachel Mazzurco Sam Eivas
Shelby Shriver Taylor Peterson Victoria Vincent
Zachary Pizzi


The Morale Team is responsible for creating, planning and executing the “theme hours”, which are essentially themed hours filled with games, activities and crafts to keep the Dancers entertained and enthused. They keep the spirit of Dance Marathon high, energetic and positive throughout the entire year, prior to and during the 26.2-hour event. In addition, Morale Captains are the creative individuals behind the revered Line Dance, which inspires and connects all attendees and Dancers at the event.

Assistant Director of High School Dance Marathons

Julia Stevens

Assistant Director of Special Tasks

Madison Eouse


Abigail Wilwant Amber Pasqual Annalena Pirovic
Blake Harris Carli Chiarelli Carter Long
Cassidy Chason Catherine Haley Caylin Lewandowski
Chelsea Finfer Delaney Kline Eileen Cullen
Erick Esquerete Fara Moskowitz Jack DeLoach
Jak Ramsberger John Crisafi Kayla Kolka
Kevin Kimbrough Kristopher Wawrzyniak Kylie Adkins
Lucas Lopez Mac Bailey Matthew Smith
Nicole Allison Olivia Molina Paris Aubin
Rafael Tavares Rebecca Feldbaum Samantha DiCorte
Saneh Ste.Claire Scout Farrow Sean McKenna
Shir Ibgui Sophia Marchetti Taylor VandenBerg
Zachary Argentine Zeni Quinn Brianna Paiewonsky


The Multimedia Team is responsible for videography and photography throughout the year and during the event, working together to create a visually appealing representation of the organization and its cause. The Captains edit, sort and upload videos and photos regularly to YouTube and Facebook, respectively. In order to capture and upload this media, Captains are responsible for acquiring the needed equipment for all filming and photography, including all software involved for editing videos in photos. Lastly, these Captains maintain the DM at UF YouTube channel, as well as contribute to the Livestream and Live Feed at the 26.2-hour event.

Assistant Director of Social Media

Meaghan Hanley

Assistant Director of Videography

Kelcie Roscoe


Alaina DiGiacomo Allison Luntz Andrea Newport Jones
Aynsley Rasmussen Carly Breitbart Carly Mackler
Charlotte Robinson Dakota Williams Gabriel Rojas
Heather Padgett Lauren Dreisch Mallory Towe
Marni Rochkid Serena Carton Sophia Rose
Spencer Kane


*This Outreach Team consists of a small group of Assistant Directors and works closely with teams such as Sponsorships, Community Events, Recruitment, and Public Relations. The Team’s goal is to form positive relationships with all communities and groups of people who are involved in any way with DM at UF. Captains work year-round to increase awareness of and extend the reach that DM at UF has. Captains are responsible for collaborating with the DMAA to increase Dance Marathon Alumni engagement and further the DM awareness among the Gainesville community, UF Alumni, UF Health and UF Faculty.

Assistant Director of Hospital

Sarah Hayo

Assistant Director of Alumni

Nikki Kosko

Assistant Director of Faculty

Alyssa Wolff

Assistant Director of Community Events

Sarah Vititoe


The Productions Team is responsible for all logistics and entertainment throughout the year and during the 26.2-hour event. Before the Dance Marathon event, the Productions Team assists the Morale Team with planning theme hours, building and organizing the homecoming float, coordinating and executing a benefit concert, and working with the O’Connell Center to plan all logistics for the event. During the DM event, the Productions Team carries out all operational duties in the O’Connell Center, including setting up and striking theme hours, organizing security and clean up, and overseeing all entertainment aspects during the 26.2 hours.

Assistant Director of Logistics

Shane Hanney

Assistant Director of Talent Relations

Paige Levin

Assistant Director of Theme Hours

Nikki Masse


Ashley Knoblauch Brett Cook Bruce Yang
Caroline Carney Christian Chambers Connor Schrills
Crews Chambers David Weck Drew Scatizzi
Francesca Favorule Gavin Peltz Grant Echols
Jessica Liu Jimmy Wheeler Leigh Wysocki
Mackenzie Olson Matt Duggar Michael Musumeci
Mikaela Sheerin Molly Gilroy Natalie Rao
Patrick Rathburn Patrick Tully Rachel Cohen
Ross Hughes Sean Biava Stephanie Elkin
Tarini Chandok Taylor Bartenope Taylor Cavaliere
Will New Zoe Friedman


The Public Relations Team is responsible for maintaining the external views and public reputation of Dance Marathon at UF. The captains work year-round to uphold the organization's mission statement, vision and branding. This involves forming relationships with local media sources, creating campaigns to propel the organization’s efforts, and using social media as a communication tool between the organization and its publics. Captains use creativity to construct additional campaigns throughout the year, storylines for multimedia videos, and innovative ways to extend DM at UF’s reach, getting the community involved and informed. During the event, Captains are also responsible for escorting media, maintaining social media channels, and ensuring the smooth running of the event itself.

Assistant Director of Social Media

Mackenzie Welsh

Assistant Director of Press Releases

Casey McLean

Assistant Director of Media Outreach

Jackie Smith


Ashleigh Braun Ashley Norus Ashlyn Sullivan
Brittney White Caroline Miller Caroline Rollosson
Christine Anez Cydney Glasser Emily Boulter
Jenna Metcalf Jenna Theofiledes Julia Sullivan
Keith Dattilo Lauren Palen Lexi Stoloff
Olivia Ooten Paris Olkes Sullivan Henry
Summer Orsini


The Recruitment Team is responsible for the recruitment of Dancers, Captains and organizations to participate in Dance Marathon at UF. Throughout the year, Captains will contact various campus organizations to convey the miracles Dance Marathon creates and how they can give back to their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Captains work to cultivate the skills of the next generation of Dance Marathon leaders, and to raise awareness of the organization and its cause to a variety of communities.

Assistant Director of Organization Relations

Erin Reilly

Assistant Director of Campus Relations

Madison Grasty

Assistant Director of Membership Development

Stephanie Ira


Conrad Ager Amanda Idinge Andrea Benaim
Ashli DeFina Bella Perkins Brandon Barnett
Devyn Nathan Hannah Belcher Kris Frydenberg
Kristina Brennan Lynh Nguyen Masyn McMillin
Meredith Kalhor Sammi Schultz Sanchita Mukherjee
Thomas Raleigh Victoria Pinchera Derek Nickell
Jamie Wolfe Layton Wiemer Mereya Quintana
Nicole Clark Charles McMillan Gabby Vassallo
Hayley Samek Kalyn Williams Lexi Leitman
Luke Evans Michael Backstrand


The Sponsorships Team is responsible for soliciting national and local communities for sponsorships, including title sponsorships, in-kind donations for community events and Dance Marathon, and items for the Silent Auction. The captains will work to foster stewardship and strong relationships by working closely with Sponsors and communicating with them throughout the year. Captains are also responsible for organizing and working Marketing Days at local businesses.

Assistant Director of Internal Donations

Katlyn Etheridge

Assistant Director of External Sponsorships

Stephanie Kinchla


Aldo Colom Alyssa Skryd Augustus Wright
Briana Hayes Brittany Grogins Caitlyn Considine
Dakota Stanford Erin Park Kayla Henrie
Lauren Seewald Mallory Wiecjorek Marlo Mulhall
Ron Heinkel Samantha Kitroser Stefan Dolinsky
Stephen Goldie Vincent Castellano Brooke Rabinovich