Employee Matching

Employee Matching

Have you considered that your company might match your donation and multiply your contribution For The Kids? Every company has its own guidelines for matching. To find out if your company has a matching program, visit https://www.matchinggifts.com/uff.

If your company matches contributions to Shands Teaching Hospital and Clinics, Inc. locally OR Children’s Miracle Network nationally, here are two ways to match your contribution:

  1. If your company uses an online platform for gift matching, submit an online gift matching verification form through your company’s portal and use the information listed below as the destination for your contribution.
  2. Obtain a matching gift verification form from your Human Resources Department. Complete the form and list our organization name below. If you directed your donation to Children’s Miracle Network, please email jsands@floridadm.org with a copy of the matching gift verification form.

Primary Donation Location

UF Health Shands - Your Local Children's Miracle Network Hospital
EIN/TIN: 59-1943502
Charitable Organization Section:
Shands Teaching Hospital and Clinics, Inc. d/b/a Children’s Miracle Network at Shands
ATTN: Dance Marathon at the University of Florida

Address Field

PO BOX 100386
Gainesville, FL 32610-0386

Alternative Donation Location

Children's Miracle Network National Office
EIN/TIN: 87-0387205
Charitable Organization Section:
Children's Miracle Network
ATTN: Dance Marathon at the University of Florida

Address Field

205 W 700 S
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101-2715

If your company requires verification by a W9 form, please visit these links:

* PLEASE NOTE: Notify Jesse Sands at jsands@floridadm.org that a matching gift request has been submitted. The matching gift will be attributed to the individual who received the original donation. Please allow 60 days for the Office of Development to process your donor match before further inquiry as it can often be a lengthy process.  Thank you for multiplying your miracles!

** Important - Please do not fill out any forms sent with checks, turn them in directly into the Finance Director reachable at jsands@floridadm.org