Fast Facts

Where the Money Goes

All of the funds raised go to UF Health Shands Children's Hospital, our local Children Miracle Network hospital. Of these funds, most recently, 48% goes to research, 10% to education and 42% to patient care.
How much of the money goes to UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital: 100% of total raised

Length of Dance Marathon at UF

Before 2008: 32 hours
After 2008: 26.2 hours

Total Hours Danced

651.8 hours
367,081.2 hours by all of our dancers combined
Year that DM at UF started: 1995


Number of Dancers in 2016: 815 (maximum capacity)
Number of Captains: 365
Number of Staff: 454
Number of participants in total (including Overalls, Captains, Dancers and Staff): 6,833
Number of Miracle Families: 77
Number of Sponsors: 150
Most Years as a Dancer: 12 years, Matt Michel


43,746 donations on Donor Drive
6,861 fundraisers raised at least $1
Amount raised in 2016: $2,434,315.18
Total amount raised in past 22 years: more than $12.5 million ($12,531,016)
Community Events: 5 events - Bowling, Dodgeball, Food Truck Rally, FT5K, Cirque du FTK