Forever For The Kids

Susannah Schrimscher Collins’ journey with Dance Marathon began her freshman year, selling cookies in Turlington Plaza on campus to raise money for her Dancer spot. One could say that her journey truly began eight years prior, as she witnessed her sister participate in Dance Marathon while she attended the University of Florida. While Suzy was in middle school, she watched her sister’s college experience be transformed by Dance Marathon. From then on, Suzy envisioned becoming a part of the organization herself.

Suzy served Dance Marathon as a Dancer for 2 years, a Dancer Relations Captain for 1 year, and the Dancer Relations Overall Director for 1 year. When reflecting on her years in college, Suzy confides that Dance Marathon brought her some of her most cherished friendships & memories. As it does for many others, DM instilled within her time in college a unique purpose for which she is forever grateful.

When on her first tour of UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital, Suzy’s passion for DM blossomed as she was able to see firsthand the direct impact Dance Marathon had on the lives of the children and families it served. For her, Dance Marathon encompassed and reflected her own passions and values and she could not pass up the opportunity to be a part of it.

“Dance Marathon taught me that change takes action, and that action begins with us. Dance Marathon taught me that unity comes when we connect over something greater than ourselves and to accomplish something great, we have to work together. Dance Marathon taught me that we can each use our unique gifts to bless someone else instead of simply using them for ourselves.”

Suzy’s favorite memories are mostly comprised of the moments she was able to spend with one of the Miracle families and her Dancer Relations team. All of the laughs and tears shared with her team are testaments to the value of each and every hour she devoted to Dance Marathon.

“If I could tell any UF student one thing, it would be to dive into Dance Marathon and give it all you can. It will make your time at UF one of the most meaningful experiences of your life.”

Graduates like Suzy continue to give back by joining Dance Marathon at UF Alumni. Click here to learn more and join today.