Child Life’s Legacy

Written By: Hannah Engel

This March, it is Our Time Now to come together to make a difference for the Miracle Families and to give hope to every child at UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital. In order to do so, Dance Marathon at the University of Florida helps fund the Child Life program at Shands Children’s Hospital. Child Life is a meaningful program that was established to help children and families cope with the stress and anxiety of hospitalization. It supplies services such as games, arts and crafts, calming treatments and so much more while aiming to make hospital visits less scary and more fun. 

The Child Life program has greatly impacted our Miracle Children and their families. Kinsey began her journey at Shands in 2004. As the years have passed, Child Life has been there to provide Kinsey and her family with support and activities to help make her time in treatment easier. 

“Sarah, an artist in residence for Arts in Medicine at Shands, has helped Kinsey pass the time and forget about her medical issues while in dialysis and as an in-patient,” said Kinsey’s mother Holly Bogart. “She has fostered a love for art in Kinsey that will last forever.” 

Child Life will continue to be there for Kinsey as well as all the other Miracle Children throughout their time at Shands. 

As we focus on leaving our Legacy of Hope this month, think about the times when you were scared of the unknown. Maybe you were scared of a test score, submitting a job application or even the dark. That feeling is what these children experience every day of their lives. Child Life is there to help them feel comfortable while facing the unknown. 

Pledge to make your impact and fight for these children at our local hospital. The money you raise will directly impact the Child Life program by funding supplies they need to make a child’s stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. 

Click here to make your pledge to fundraise in honor of Child Life.