2021 Theme Hours Reveal

Written By: Olivia deMontmorency

2021 Theme Hours Reveal 

Each Dance Marathon sets itself apart from the last. Whether it is the Silent Disco, the Miracle Family stories or the Theme Hours. As our Dance Marathon at the University of Florida Main Event nears, we recognize the activities that make our event so electric and are thrilled to reveal our Dance Marathon at UF 2021 Theme Hours! This year, Theme Hours will take place in person as well as virtually, giving participants the ability to participate in whichever option they are most comfortable with. 

Grease vs. Greece (Orange Shift)

It’s a mix between your favorite ’70s musical romance starring Sandy and Danny combined with the mystical tales of Greek mythology. This first Theme Hour will include activities such as hand jive lessons, karaoke, toilet paper toga and pin the eye on the cyclops. Virtually, Grease vs. Greece participants will engage in a scavenger hunt, Zoom Olympics and trivia. 

Survivor: DM Island (Orange Shift)

Just like the television show, the Survivor: DM Island Theme Hour will test castaways – or Dancers – through a series of challenges, but no one’s getting kicked off the island on this episode. Activities for Survivor: DM Island will include kan jam, trash can/stone toss, socially distanced four corners and charades. The 2021 Linedance will also be taught throughout this hour by our very own Morale Team! Over Zoom, Dancers have the opportunity to make homemade crafts, participate in a Kahoot on survival and camping, as well as write letters to the DM at UF Miracle Families. 

Out of the Page (Orange Shift)

The pages of your favorite storybooks come to life in the Out of the Page Theme Hour. While a live band plays throughout the hour, Dancers will take part in pictionary, name that tune, charades and an exciting game of Quidditch. Virtual engagement offers a Harry Potter House quiz and a Hunger Games District quiz, to find out where your personality falls in the world of wizards and Katniss Everdeen. Let your inner book-nerd thrive in this hour of our favorite story fandoms. 

Miracles on Broadway (Blue Shift)

Time for every Dancer’s big break! Miracles on Broadway is a Theme Hour full of singing, acting, dancing and more. Get in on the act with activities such as a Broadway singalong, decorating your own playbill, karaoke, a rap battle and freeze dance. If you’re participating virtually, don’t worry about missing out on the excitement. Engage in Broadway song requests, bingo, Just Dance, flashlight singing and song trivia. Break a leg!

DM Games (Blue Shift)

It’s game time and with DM at UF, everyone’s a winner. This Theme Hour isn’t just for the sports lovers! In DM Games, Dancers partake in a wide range of challenges like giant rock paper scissors, table tennis, foam bowling, soccer and four corners. Put your gaming to the test with virtual Kahoot, Among Us, Game Pigeon and hangman. 

SS DM (Blue Shift)

All aboard the SS DM in the last Theme Hour! Join the steamship headed to the Final Total Reveal while participating in Family Feud, a limbo contest, Hula-Hoop contest, Among Us and a Game Pigeon tournament. Dancers who spend this last hour online have the option to play Among Us, Game Pigeon and go through a virtual escape room. See you on the sea! 

Hosted by the Morale Team, these Theme Hours are sure to bring even more anticipation to what will be such an impactful event. DM at UF is only days away, and we cannot wait to experience everything that makes these 26.2 hours so incredible.