Dance Marathon

We are so excited to announce that the main event this year will be March 26-27, 2022!

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Main Event FAQs

We have provided specific questions for the following general groups:

All Participants

This year, Dance Marathon at UF will be returning to a regular 26.2-hour-long event. We will be returning to our typical capacities and plan to engage everyone in the Stephen C. O'Connell Center in one 26.2-hour shift. We plan to stay up to date and follow all CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19; we will update participants as the event approaches and the final policies.

All UF students attending the DM at UF Main Event will be required to wear a CDC-approved mask at all times during the event. We will be advising all members to limit unnecessary exposures for two weeks leading up to the Main Event to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

-Masks with exhalation valves or vents that allow air to be expelled are prohibited because they do not protect others.

-In addition, neck gaiters and bandanas should not be worn unless no other face-covering is available.

-Participants will be asked to arrive with their own face covering; however, we will have disposable masks available if someone forgets their face covering.

During all serving and interactive activities, we will wipe down all frequently touched surfaces to prevent the spread of any germs or illnesses.


On-site volunteer medical staff will be available to assist with any injuries or illnesses that may occur throughout the Main Event. This year, we will be implementing bag checks and security precautions to ensure the safety of all individuals in the O’Connell Center.

While there will be no formal virtual engagement, the event's entirety will be live-streamed.

Yes. This year all visitors are welcome to attend the Main Event. However, they must be checked in, go through security, and be escorted to their respected location. All visitors are welcome to view the Main Event floor from the 100 level stands.


VIPs must be invited by Dance Marathon at UF to have access to the Center Court Club to enjoy snacks, beverages, and a place to hang out for the duration of their visit.

VIPs include: Overall Team family members, past Overall Team members, the DMA, faculty, and staff (by invitation only)


All Dance Marathon at UF Alumni are welcome to attend our Main Event. Alumni will have to check-in, go through security, and are welcome on the floor during their respective wristband time.

UF Faculty and Staff

Any UF Faculty and Staff who attend the Main Event will be escorted and shown around by a Recruitment or Community Outreach Captain. If they would like to go on the floor, they will need to receive a colored wristband and go at that time.


Any sponsor who attends the Main Event will be escorted and shown around by a Sponsorship Captain. If they would like to go on the floor, they will need to receive a colored wristband and go at that time.

High Schools

A chaperone must accompany any High School student at all times. If they would like to go on the floor, they will need to receive a colored wristband and go at that time. In addition, Marathon Relations will be hosting special engagements for them.

Friends and Family

Any other visitors are welcome to come and check in to our event. As long as they go through security and receive a wristband, visitors will be allowed on the floor during their wristband color shift time.

Participant meals:

Meals will be provided to all Dancers, Emerging Leaders, Captains, and Assistant Directors at the Main Event. All meals will be served by Hospitality Captains who will wear gloves and sanitize frequently.

External meals:

All VIP visitors will have access to snacks and beverages in the Center Court Club. All Miracle Families will receive meals in the Family Room during the event.

Miracles Families

The duration of time that each Miracle Family can be present in the O’Connell Center will vary depending on the number of families interested in attending. Please lookout for an email from the Family Relations Overall, Scotty Tretheway, to indicate your interest level. Once this information is collected, Family shifts will be announced.
We are committed to the health and safety of our Miracle Families and members. Routine cleaning and sanitizing procedures will be conducted throughout the O’Connell Center. More details will be provided regarding Miracle Child involvement. For questions, contact


The Dancer experience will uphold the traditional Dancer experience, as has taken place in the past. Dancers will get to be at the Main Event for the entire 26.2 hours and spend the night in the O’Connell Center. Dancers will stand, if able, with no sleep and no caffeine for the whole event in solidarity with every child affected by pediatric illness.
Dancer spots will be allocated to each Organization based on their yearlong fundraising and involvement.

Organizations select Dancers from their Registered Dancer lists and submit the names to DM at UF. Organization Dancer lists will be due by March 18.


Ambassadors are encouraged to register to dance, meaning they would be welcome to participate in our 26.2-hour event.

If Ambassadors do not register to dance, they will be welcome to attend the event as a general visitor.
Fundraising levels are determined based on an Organization’s fundraising, Spirit Points, and the number of locked Dancers. When combined, Organizations will be placed into a fundraising level and compete against other Organizations for their spot. Fundraising levels will determine the number of Dancers from each Organization who can attend the Main Event. More information will be provided to Ambassadors regarding fundraising levels.


Captains will be required to be at the Main Event for the full 26.2 hours. Overall Directors may assign shifts depending on specific team roles, but all shifts will remain inside the O’Connell Center.

The 200 level stands will be reserved for Captains for the duration of the Main Event to observe the floor engagement.

All Captains will receive meals and a sleep shift during the Main Event.

Emerging Leaders Program

This year, Emerging Leaders will have specific roles during the Main Event. More details will be provided from the Leadership Development Captain Team.

All Emerging Leaders will receive meals and a sleep shift during the Main Event.

High Schoolers

More details regarding high school in-person visitor involvement at the Main Event will be provided. If you have further questions, please email
Dance Marathon at UF does not provide accommodations for visitors.

For additional questions, email