Organization Impact Levels

Organization Impact Levels

Organization Impact Levels determine the number of Dancer spots each Organization can earn for the Main Event. The Organization’s standing within the Impact Levels is determined by a combination of fundraising, Spirit Points and Locked Dancer Spots. Each Impact Level requires a minimum fundraising amount in order to enter into it, and there are a maximum number of Organizations that can exist in each Impact Level. Organization Impact Levels will change as the semester continues and Organizations continue to fundraise, get Spirit Points and earn Locked Dancer Spots.

Miracle Level

24 Dancers

Minimum: $35,000

Family Level

20 Dancers

Minimum: $28,000

Believe Level

16 Dancers

Minimum: $20,000

Hope Level

12 Dancers

Minimum: $12,000

Inspire Level

8 Dancers

Minimum: $6,000

Gator Level

6 Dancers

Minimum: $2,500

Bravery Level

4 Dancers

Minimum: $1,500

Gray Level

2 Dancers

Minimum: $500